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Hi Ron....we certainly enjoyed our visit to Assateague State Park....But

mostly, we enjoyed our stay in your camper. I've been a business owner that

chartered large cruising sailboats and know how important service,

organization and cleanliness is when renting equipment and you certainly

fill that order.


I've already given your name and website to several people and look forward

to renting from you again soon.


Yes, you do have my permission to tear up the security check and hope that

we left the camper in good condition for you.....Regards, Denise


Thank you Ron - everything went great - the campers were terrific; everyone

was comfortable (the girls found they could sleep three across sideways on

the queen size side - so they were quite happy and it eliminated squabbling

over who could sleep with who! :-) always a good thing).


You were fabulous to work with and I know at least two of our moms want info

so they can come back with their families and rent with you.


Thank you,





Hello Ron,


We really enjoyed the camper.  It was our first experience with a pop-up & I think we're hooked!  Even during a very windy night, we felt so much more secure than in our tent.  


As to the things left by mistake....I appreciate your generous offer, but after tent camping for 30 years, we aren't much for cooking or campfires anymore.  A nice restaurant and a walk on the boardwalk are more to our liking.


Thanks again and we look forward to another rental - maybe in the spring.






Hi Ron,


It has been a pleasure to spend a few days there and you have been

really really nice to us. Thank you so much for all! We look forward

to our next vacation :)


Thanks again!







Hi Ron,


It was a pleasure renting a camper from you. We had a terrific time at Assateague and will give you a call next year when we return.


Thanks again and best regards,


Ron and Carrie




Dear Ron,


We had a great time and using costal campers made it all so enjoyable.


We're definately on for next year.


Many thanks for the wonderful experience - our first time in a camper!






Ron --

As always, everything was perfect with the camper. We may

owe you for a dishtowel and 2 small drinking glasses -- I

couldn't find them yesterday morning, but they may show up

in the other campers. Just let me know.

Thanks again -- this weekend was definitely up there in our

top 3 list!

-- Chris





Hi Ron.


Thanks so much for the excellent service with the camper rental. It really did

help make our stay much more comfortable. You will be hearing from me again

next season. It was very nice meeting you and

your son. Feel free to tear up the deposit check.


Lee Ann




Hi Ron,

Yes, please tear up the deposit check.

We had an absolute blast! Thank you so much for the great service. I will be booking next year, definitely!

Thanks again..... see you next August!





Hi Ron,


Had a GREAT time and I know we will be using your service hopefully in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you!


Ps...I have recommended your service to quite a few individuals, hope it works out for you!!





Hi Ron


Yes everything was great. The camper was better than I expected and your prompt replys and service were appreciated. I will definitely use your service again next year.

Till then have a great year.








Dear Ron,

We have to tell you this was the best family vacation we had ever taken. A couple of reasons for that.

First of all, I was diagnosed in March and had surgery on March 20th. Though my prognosis is good, it caused us to take stock of what is really important in our lives and we knew that since our boys are not little anymore, this might be our last chance for a vacation all together as a family. We had been to Assateague twice before when the boys were little and knew we wanted to return. Secondly, you provided us with exquisite accomodations making our vacation so enjoyable. Not having to tow a camper all the way from New York made a big difference. Just being able to pull in and have everything all ready to go was wonderful. We would be glad to promote your business in any way we can help. Thank you so much for a memorable vacation. God willing, we WILL be back again, and we will call on you again. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Cherie and John  






Your service was excellent the whole trip was great. Me and my family had a

great time we actually stayed an extra night with friends.We are hoping to

do it again next year with other people if we can get the sites so you will

be hearing from me again. Have a great summer.





Had a wonderful week. Loved the convenience of renting from you! We will definately be repeat customers,

although we have a family reunion in CA next year so it will be the year after. thanks again,






It was just the best .. can not thank you enough.. truly wonderful ..

we hated to leave.









We had a great time!  We were impressed with the organization you provided.  Our three year old

thought it was our camper, she had no idea it wasn't.  The camper was very clean and had everything

we needed.  The process was simple and made our trip easy.  We will be back in upcoming summers!  

Yes, please tear up the deposit check for $300.00.  We really wanted to meet you as well, next time we hope!



We look forward to coming again!   Thank you.



Sincerely,  Aurora




Hi Ron,

Thank you, once again for a great camping experience. The pop up fit our family of four perfectly

and it was super fresh and clean. Your knowledge and dedication to customer service truly shined

thru and I personally really enjoy working with people of such nature.


Thanks again a million,


Steven and Eva






We really enjoyed renting a camper from you. Your service was impeccable and you were very kind when you answered all of my questions before & during my trip.  I would highly recommend Coastal Camper to my family and friends.  We can't wait to see you again next year.




Lois S





Hi Ron,


Marcia and I had a great week at Assateague and much of the credit goes to the comfort of your camper and the friendly reliability of your personal service. Having seven days of amazing weather didn't hurt either.


Have a good rest of the summer. I hope the surfing is good for you this winter.


Take care,






Dear Ron,


I was just getting set to send you a thank you note.  Everything was so perfect - even much more than we expected.  Brought back fond memories to all of us of our camper vacations many years ago. It was great getting to meet you and your son.


Best wishes for continued success!



Joan S






Ron- the kids and I had a great time! The camper was wonderful and for the wind and

the rain and thunder and lightening we were THRILLED to have that instead of a tent. We would have left the first day otherwise.   My daughter loved the bag and both were thrilled with the horses and the

little case that my son put his treasures (shells)  in.  For someone

like me, with a disability - walking-movement, your business is a

godsend.  I would almost never want to do this with them for the fear

that I could not do everything by myself and get it together.  The

setup and take down of the camper is a GIFT!  I thank you from the

bottom of my heart because I do not know how long I will have until I

am in a wheelchair and I want to give these memories to my children

to remember.        


Sincerely, Melanie L






   Our stay was great and the pop up was just what the doctor

ordered.  We really appreciated it Thursday night about 11:00 when a

big storm came through the camp.  We saw many tents collapse and some

were destroyed.  We had this happen to us in years past.  We are sold

on pop up camping.  We sure would like to make

the arrangements early this trip. Thank You so much for making the

effort to get our trip together at the late date of our reservation

with you (1 Day).  We also appreciate your communication, even though

a lot of it was voice mail.


Thank You Again:

Gary S




Hi Ron,


Thanks for your note.  The camper was perfect for your needs, and your service was outstanding.


Take care,


Jack and Margie




Hi Ron,


Thanks for your e-mail. I wanted to say thank you for your GREAT

service! We loved everything! We are definitely going to use your

service again.I will be in touch in the not to distant future to

reserve a camper for next summer. I'm thinking of maybe 10 days next



See you next year!




Hi Ron!


Sorry we didn't get to meet you this time around. We packed up last night and were ready to head home first thing this morning. I hope you found the camper to your liking, we cleaned up best we could. Our kids( 1 and 3 years old) had a blast.  


Thank you so much!!





Hello Ron!


I speak for my entire family when I say thank you for the terrific service you provided.  It really made our stay perfect, and we will definitely keep you in mind for future visits to the shore! Thanks for accomodating our various changes in plans, and your willingness to work with us, especially in moving the one camper.  



Best of luck with the rest of the season, and continued success with your operation.






Hi Ron, We really enjoyed our camper and your great service. We had

the chance a number of times to talk to fellow campers about your rentals and hope you get

some additional business as a result. Hope to return next year and rent from

you again!








Hi Ron -

Thanks so much for everything. It was a wonderful week and your service and all the extras made it so easy. It would be hard to go back to tent camping after that - we really loved being in a camper! I was glad there were no big storms - I've been through enough of those in a tent. Yes, please do tear up the deposit check, thanks. If you ever need a new testimonial just let me know. I do graphic and web design and have to get these for clients all the time - I'd be happy to be on the other end

of it for a change. If we come next summer you'll be my second call after getting a campsite lined up.



Thanks much!





Hi Ron


It was nice meeting you.   All of us appreciated your fantastic customer service.



Thank you!




Thanks Ron

You provided a great service and did a great job. Thanks for all your

efforts. I presume no problems with the campers?



Ps you have a really cool truck to boot




Hi Ron,


The camper was wonderful and really did make the visit great.  we absolutely intend to come back next year but are interested in something you may have that is a little larger.  Thank you again for everything you did  and all the questions you helped answer.  Thanks again!


Cindi M


We booked our campsite next year for Aug 24 - Aug 31  I'll be in touch.




Hi Ron,


We has a great time.  Thanks for everything.  You can just tear up the deposit check.






Hey Ron,


I don't know if you heard from my parents but our Coastal Camper rental was a HIT! Thank you so much for making it possible. I cannot tell you how easy this trip was for my parents because of your service. My father suffers from severe arthritis and my mom has a bad knee. NOT having to set up they camper on top of everything made this year's camping week a dream.

They were also very touched by the additional gifts and amenities. I have already recommended your service to many people, and we look forward to working with you again in the coming summers. Best of Luck and thank you again!








We had a great time.  Everyone was jealous of how nicely you set up & equipped your camper.  I'll send you a longer email soon, with lots of gushing details outlining everything that you did, that we did not expect, but we really appreciated.




A very grateful mom with 4 satisfied kids,






Ron - Thank you for making our weekend getaway a success.  We look

forward to next year and you can be certain we will be in touch.  I

meant to call you yesterday to let you know we left but forgot once I

got on the road, gas, lunch etc.  Hope this didn't hold you up.  

Thanks again for the terrific accommodations, and great customer

service - it is a pleasure doing business with you and Coastal

Camper.  See you in 2009.


All the best.

Doug, Debbie and Jessica




We had a great time and the camper was even better than we expected.  We

will likely rent from you again.







Thanks Ron, you are more than kind.  Thank you very much and not only

will we be using you again but we will continue to recommend you to

all our friends.  You got a great concept going and I hope things go

very well for you.


John O




Hi Ron,


We had a great weekend.  The weather was fabulous.  So was the

camper!  I'll be in touch next spring.









What a nice surprise to get my shoes back!  Though they are my favorite loafing around shoes, I never expected to see them again. You are indeed a professional - and a very nice guy to boot!  


Best  regards and thanks again, John





  We had a fantastic time!  It was great to arrive and already have a

Camper set up! We all had a great time We will be contacting you in the Spring to rent a camper again!


Thanks so much,


Kathleen S




Thanks, Ron. Everyone had a great time. We appreciate everything you do

to make our stay memorable. See you in the spring.


Warm regards,






Thank YOU for a great camping week! We were very comfortable. I'll be in touch about next year. Maybe we'll try a bigger camper.

And yes...tear up the check. (I forgot all about it!)





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