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Coastal Camper Rental is dedicated to providing the highest quality camper rentals available. Below are a few key points that make our company the best choice for your next vacation.


1. Our goal is to provide the finest campers at the best price with the best service. As our campers start to show signs of unacceptable wear, they are either retired or sold at auction.


2. Renting vs Owning .If you only use a camper once or twice a year, the average Pop-Up looses more in value per year of use than it cost to rent. Add to that the huge savings in fuel costs and vehicle wear and you can see the benifits of renting over owning.



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3. We are dedicated to making sure that our customers are well cared for from the moment they arrive to the moment that they leave. Coastal Camper Rental is a full time operation dedicated to providing the best service available.


4.We have the only full time local staff at the beach. We are on call and ready to help. If you need us, we are there, if you don't we are just a phone call away.


5. We are excited to play even a small part in your vacation At Assateague State Park, and feel privileged to serve you!


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